Demosite Denia

"Racons" brackish water desalination plant (Denia, Spain)


The Racons desalination plant, located in Denia (Spain), produces drinking water from brackish water withdrawn from the Racons river and groundwater reservoirs. This desalination plant produces around 8 000 m3  per day in winter, which increases its capacity up to 16 000 m3  per day in summer time to meet the demand of the seasonal tourist population.

Owing to the presence of particulate, suspended and colloidal solids, as well as organic matter, conditioning and pretreatment of the feed is required to protect the subsequent reverse osmosis stage. Thus, the pre-oxidation step is of great importance to obtain a highly active oxidizing agent to reduce the organic load. The implementation of a self-controlling process is also important to deal with a fluctuating feed composition.

The Cleanwater project will evaluate the applicability of a promising technology based on a novel membrane for the generation of oxidizing agents  in situ, as a promising alternative to conventional systems. For this purpose, a CW1000 will be installed and operated to be evaluated as an alternative or reinforcing system to the existing pre-oxidizing process based on ozone and/or sodium hypochlorite injection. The experimental plan is divided in three stages: batch tests, long-term continuous run and autonomous self-controlling operation. The feasibility of this technology will be verified treating raw water in a side stream.

Instalación Denia

CW1000 set-up installed in "EDAS Racons" brackish water desalination plant (Denia, Spain)