Demosite Galicia

Driking water treatment plant (Galicia, Spain)


This plant produces around 17000 m3 per day of potable water to meet the demand of 26.000 citizens. Surface water is pumped from a dam to the plant where is treated by the following system to guarantee water quality:

Pre-oxidation: organic matter content is effectively reduced in pre-oxidation reactors where ozone is injected.

Coagulation-flocculation: pH is adjusted and coagulation-flocculation agents are added to promote the destabilization of solids in a complete mixed reactor.

Clarification: solids are removed in lamella clarifiers.

Sand filters: polishing filtration system consists of 5 sand filters where fine particles remaining upon coagulation-flocculation are removed.

Chlorination: chlorine is used in the pre-oxidation stage when ozone is not injected, and in the disinfection process to avoid the presence of pathogens and ensure a remnant disinfectant concentration that guarantees a high quality at the consumption point.

Water storage: potable water is stored in concrete tanks to be distributed.

The innovative technology is able to generate a disinfectant from brine in situ, which can substitute the use of other chlorine compounds, making the disinfection process faster, safer and more reliable. This free-chemicals technology mitigates the environmental impact, reduce the energy consumption, and avoid the production of chlorine by-products.?