Ceram Hyd is a material science company that develops innovative environmental products based on its propietary membrane technology, the CERAPEMTM.

The CERAPEMTM is a disruptive membrane made of ceramic particles with the outstanding features: it is flat, flexible, it looks and feels like polymeric (plastic) membrane. It is resistant to hard water, compatible with any kind of pH, highly conductive and is exceptionally durable.

Thee star application of our CERAPEMTM technology are based on our new products the Minicell and the MaxiCell. The Minicell is a pocket-sized disinfection generation device that can be easily integrated into any equipment required in-situ disinfection, as well as cleaning when requiered. The Maxicell is an industrial sized disinfection generation device for use on industrial sites that need powerful disinfection capabilities.


Imagine a technology that uses a chlorine product for disinfection in an incredible range of applications.
Now imagine that technology practically eliminates the risk of dangerous chlorination by-products.

Ceram Hyd Technical Staff

Ceram Hyd