FCC Aqualia, S.A. is the water management parent company of FCC, one of the largest European services groups. Aqualia is the third largest private water company in Europe and sixth in the world, according to the latest ranking by the specialist publication, Global Water Intelligence, and serves 23.5 million users.

It currently provides service to 1,100 towns in 22 countries: Spain, Italy, Portugal, the Czech Republic, Poland, Romania, Montenegro, Bosnia, Mexico, Peru, Chile, Uruguay, Algeria, Egypt, the United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, China, South Africa, Tunisia, Qatar, Serbia and Kosovo.

Aqualia responds to the needs of all parties, private and public, at all stages of the water cycle, providing water for human, industrial, and agricultural uses. Its main activity is the management of municipal water services.

In a short space of time Aqualia has positioned itself as a leader in the sector, a cohesive, specialist operator at the forefront of the sector thanks to a highly-specialised and committed team that is constantly seeking new ways to improve efficiency in production processes and optimise resources. This modus operandi, which has enabled Aqualia to consolidate itself as leader in the domestic market, is also apparent in export markets, with a strategy formulated to consolidate ambitious but prudent growth overseas.


The aims of R&D in Aqualia follow the Company's strategic plans.

They focus on the development of high-priority issues identified through continuous dialogue with operators and clients, in order to improve performance in the following areas:


  • Standard drinking water indicators.Aqualia
  • Reuse of water.
  • Desalination.
  • Measuring and Analysis.


  • Reduction of energy consumption and emissions.
  • Using waste water and waste as resources.
  • Alternative technologies.


  • Management systems.
  • Optimisation of water resources.
  • Communication


FCC Aqualia is coordinator of the Algae to Biofuel project www.all-gas.eu, which includes the anaerobic digestion of wastewater with Upflow Anaerobic Wastewater Treatment. Moreover, FCC Aqualia is working on submerged anaerobic membrane bioreactors in the projects LIFE Memory and Innpronta IISIS (supported by CDTI). On industrial wastewaters, FCC Aqualia is testing anaerobic bioreactors with ceramic membranes in the project Innpacto Filene (MINECO).

Furthermore, FCC Aqualia also develops R&D activities in various relevant Spanish projects related to improve water quality and sustainability: ANAMMOX Vigo (Xunta de Galicia y CDTI), MBR Relleno Vigo (Xunta de Galicia), Innpronta ITACA (CDTI) and Innpacto DOWNSTREAM (MINECO).?


A unique perspective on water management.
Aqualia's main objective is to ensure the provision of the best possible water quality in sufficient quantities.

FCC Aqualia Strategic Quality Plan